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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Branding Yourself

Branding yourself or your business entails more than simply having a specified logo, familiar name, and an image.

Your individual experience with your own product or service is what branding yourself is all about. Your general

perception of that product or service that you build over a period of time is your brand. There are four strategic

tips you must utilize when you are building your brand.

The first of the strategic tips is for you to have possession of the most important thing. You don't need to try to

please everyone and be all of the things to each person you come in contact with. You want to develop a single clear

message and focus the bulk of your time on that message.

The next thing you want to do is make sure you are portraying consistency. Consistency is key in everything you do.

If you have a presentation that is always consistent, your customers will always recognize you and attach importance

to you. You must maintain consistency when using taglines, ad copy, any visual rudiments, and logos. Your tone should

also always be consistent. Highly recognized companies that have not changed much in the past few decades are portraying

consistency. If you use direct mail, marketing brochures, websites, blogs, etc; you need to make sure they have identical

messages and feel.

Making sure you have a pertinent message is the next strategic tip to keep in mind when building your brand. You must know

your audience. Identify with them to come to understand what it is that they care about and learn how to verbalize to that

audience. If you are selling something you need to be certain that it is something that they need. Any conversation with

your audience should be about them and not you.

The last of the strategic tips is to employ a compelling offer that will motivate. Remember, you need and want for your

audience to bear you in mind at all times. You want those members of that audience to buy whatever you have to sell them.

You need to nudge them to action. If you have a compelling offer, that will give them a reason to buy. Be sure to make the

offer something that is simple and suitable for your particular brand.

Each time there is any contact with your specific brand from a potential customer, that individual will have either a

negative or positive experience. Their perception of your brand will be determined by those experiences. When it comes

time for them to purchase, those same experiences will be recollected in their mind. When the time arises for that

potential customer to make a purchase, how is it that you want your brand remembered? So get started right now on building

a positive perception and do everything in your means to uphold it.

*****1.Develop a Single Clear Message
*****2.Portray Consitency
*****3.a Pertinent Message - Know your audience - all about your client / Not about yourself
*****4.Employ a compelling offer that will motivate them to take action - give them a reason to join yor opportunity

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