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About me

This is Gerhard Strydom's blog about my journey to make money on the internet.

I have been looking around on the internet for quite some time. I am particularly looking at passive income methods. In the process I made some money and lost quite a lot as well. I have have picked up some knowledge which could help other people from falling into the same traps. I am willing to share my knowledge with those who are seriously interested in creating a passive second or full-time income on the internet.

In the Networking Business, MLM (Multi, Level Marketing) I firmly believe in one slogan:

Professionals Sort....Amateurs Sell.
You can read more about it on my blog.

In short it means: Stop trying to sell somebody into your business. You can build a quick downline but if you do not have a system which people can duplicate to build their own downlines as well...you will not achieve success. Your super fast downline will lose interest because they cannot achieve the same rsults as you and they will fall out sooner or later. If you get people who are seriously interested in achieving a passive income on the internet and you can teach and help them to build their own downlines they will also make money and will stay on in your business. Help others to help yourself.

First source the people who are seriously interested and then sort them from those who are not interested. The people that are serious will automatically buy into your business with much better results in the end.

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